Career after COVID-19

Best business niches and job opportunities after COVID

July 5, 2020
  1. Shout out to healthcare and frontline workers, as well as those doing it tough because they're in a disadvantaged or unhealthy living situation
  2. What's in this episode
    1. Looking at the early research and predictions on which sectors are set to grow and boom after COVID.
    2. According to ING bank, 3.3m (employed and unemployed) Australians are seriously assessing their future career paths.
    3. New job titles that are emerging
  3. Economic trends and industries with predicted upsides
    1. Impact on agriculture, supply chains and transportation
    1. opportunities in mental health
    2. home life, e.g., cocooning, nesting
    3. Reverse globalisation
    4. An anxious society
    5. e-commerce
    6. e-learning
    7. e-fitness
    8. Cybersecurity
    9. Plant-based food
    10. Dark kitchens
  4. New job titles
    1. Digital literacy coach
    2. Executive creativity coach
    3. Black swan risk manager
    4. Medical story-teller
  5. Summary and next steps
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