Career after COVID-19

14: Staying positive and building resilience during the COVID-19 pandemic

July 25, 2020

In this episode, Fleur and Kym discuss how to stay positive and build resilience to cope with the pressures of the pandemic and the recession. 

  1. Shout out to our Victorian friends and family members, who have gone back into lockdown, to healthcare and frontline workers, as well as those doing it tough because they're in a disadvantaged or unhealthy living situation
  2. What's in this episode
    1. Ways to stay positive and mentally healthy during the pandemic and recession
    2. NB: this is not professional psychological health advice and listeners should seek professional advice from their doctor or mental health care provider if they're feeling unwell
  3. Becoming or staying positive, building resilience
    1. Rick Hanson, author of the 2018 book, 'Resilient', has a simple saying: "Deal with the bad, turn to the good, take in the good"
    2. Slow down, get calm. Try not to stress about which way to calm down. Even making a cup of tea and staring into space for ten minutes helps.
    3. Positive morning routine - try not to look at phone first thing. Lie in bed, breathe deeply and smile.
    4. Assess what's going on around you, make a plan. Even if the plan is just for today.
    5. Self-preoccupation creates a lot of anxiety and stress. Taking care of other people reduces stress hormones in your own body. It protects your heart and strengthens your immune system.
    6. Because we are physically distant, we need to be empathetically close. Listen more deeply, pay more attention. Realise that other people are scared, too. Nurture your digital communities.
    7. Exercise
    8. Walk away from negative conversations and situations
    9. Gratitude
  4. Summary and next steps
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